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IT isn't what it used to be

Businesses don’t operate like they used to. We don’t work how we used to. The way we use IT has changed. So should how we pay for it.

Baywater Healthcare - a breath of fresh air

Discover how the leading healthcare provider offers a critical and resilient, "always on" service for its patients.
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7 Step Guide to help become GDPR Compliant

With the deadline for all businesses to become GDPR compliant, where do you start? Our 7 step guide will help you get started.

The 10 Misconceptions of GDPR

There is a lot of talk around GDPR at the moment, with many different claims. But what is fact and not fiction?

Now We're Talking: Unified Communications and Collaboration

How can a business improve the communication & collaboration amongst its staff? Learn how Adept4 and Office 365 or Microsoft 365 can help.

ICR Integrity - Converging and Consolidating with Cloud

Find out how a leading provider of integrity, maintenance and engineered solutions to the energy sector moved to the Azure Cloud platform to unify the business.
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Moving to Office 365 with Adept4

An introduction on why you should implement Office365 and how should you go about it.

0365 Controlling the uncontrollable

Secure your mobile enterprise with Office365 over Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)